Typical Example: Wet Leaking Concrete

We specialize in Chemical Grouting for Remedial Waterproofing and Slab Re-Alignment/Void Filling. Our President, Thomas Planert, P.E., is a well-known leader in the industry and has over 3 decades of experience as an engineer and contractor. Engineering, when necessary, is used to verify any unknown conditions such as contaminants or low-density zones.

For over 40 years Chemical Injection Grouting has been used to stop leaks in structures such as Tunnels, Manholes, Foundations, Elevator Pits, etc.


Typical Example: Uneven Slab

Chemical Grouting has been used for the past 20 years for re-aligning slabs and filling voids with Warehouse Floors, Parking Lots, Roadways, Factory Floors, etc.

We have worked with the top General Contractors in New York/New Jersey and New England. Over the last thirty years we have solved problems at many well known sites including The Empire State Building, The New York and Boston Subways, The New York Stock Exchange, The World Trade Center, The George Washington Bridge, AMTRAK, Yale University, New York University Hospital, Indian Point Nuclear Plant, etc.

Our approach is usually less expensive, faster and less intrusive than conventional repairs.


Typical Example: Retaining Wall with soil settlement, Sealing off flowing water.

Voids Filling is often necessary with structures that contain or block large volumes of water, such as retaining walls or Drainage Culverts. Flowing water can undermine the soil adjacent to the structures, creating voids and structural problems. Chemical Grouting will seal off voids with a flexible material that cannot be damaged by expanding ice during the winter. Costs are minimized (no excavation) and drainage water was controlled to existing drain locations at this project.