Services for Leak and Crack Repairs

Common Problems:

A variety of factors can cause cracks and leakage in foundation walls, floors, manholes, etc.

Typical Structures:

Building Foundations
Elevator Pits
Ceiling Slabs
Parking Structures

Ceiling Slabs
Pipe Penetrations
Storage Tanks

Retaining Walls
Swimming Pools
Sidewalk Vaults, etc.


The Structural Condition of the concrete can be verified, if questionable.

Soil contamination can be evaluated, depending on the history of the location.

Voids or Water Pockets behind walls can be located and filled.

Chemical Grout selection for long-term results, we have experience with different chemical grouts from every major manufacturer. We specify chemical grouts depending on the jobsite conditions.

Applications Expertise, for installing different chemical grouts.


Cost Savings, compared to conventional repairs, no need for excavation or heavy equipment to remove and replace existing waterproofing, for example.

Guaranteed Results, The Underlying Cause or Causes of the Problem are addressed.

Chemical Grouts can remain flexible for long-term results with moving cracks due to thermal changes or vibration.

Repairs are done from inside the structure, they are quick, clean and cause minimum interruption to operations.

Reduction of liability due to slip and fall accidents on wet slabs.

Water damage can be eliminated to utilities, stock, machinery, etc.

Reclaim unusable areas, for storage, etc.

Mold, insects and vermin can be controlled, by removing water from structures.

Permanent repairs, chemical grouts are compatible with most materials and are extremely resistant to chemical attack.

Environmentally Safe, many chemical grouts are approved for contact with potable water.

Small leaks can be sealed before they turn into larger more expensive problems.