Services for Re-Aligning Uneven Slabs

Common Problems:

Settling soils and/or voids cause slabs to become uneven or out of level.

Typical Structures:

Warehouse Floors
Loading Docks

Factory Floors
Building Entrances
Parking Lots

Bridge Approaches


The physical characteristics of the soil and bearing capacity can be determined.

The amount of materials needed to lift an area to level can be estimated.

Voids or Low Density Zones can be located. Utilities can be avoided.

The cause of the settlement can be determined, to ensure a one-time repair.

Loadings can be checked to determine which chemical grout is appropriate.


Cost effective repairs, versus labor intensive removal and replacement of concrete.

Guaranteed Results, the underlying cause or causes of the problem are addressed.

Repairs are quick, clean and with minimum interruption to operations.

Repairs can often be completed without moving storage racks or machinery.

Reduction or liability due to trip and fall hazards, or forklifts dropping products.

Damage to forklifts due to wheel abrasion and bottoming out on uneven concrete floor joints is minimized.

Guide wires for automated forklifts are protected from breaking due to movement of slabs with traffic.

Large voids can be filled before an emergency occurs, on roadways or floor slabs.

No need to shim storage racks, increasing operations efficiency with forklifts.